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Daniel B. Garrie, Esq. is a distinguished arbitrator, specializing in intellectual property, real estate, healthcare, insurance, technology, aerospace and defence, media and entertainment, oil and gas, complex commercial disputes, crypto, cybersecurity, and international matters arbitration services. With his unique experiences of being a lawyer, entrepenuer, technologist, and neutral allows him to ensure streamlined and cost-effective arbitration. His deep understanding of complex legal, business, and technical issues, combined with his commitment to neutrality and fairness, make him a sought-after choice for Arbitration cases globally.

Why Choose Daniel Garrie?

Diverse Expertise in Arbitration: Daniel Garrie excels in resolving complex disputes across various domains, including cybersecurity and data breaches, banking and finance, intellectual property, and international/cross-border issues. His deep understanding of law and technology ensures efficient and fair resolutions.

Recognized Expertise: Named Distinguished Neutral by the Academy of Court Appointed Masters and the Daily Journal, Daniel's reputation in the field of arbitration is well-established.

Expertise in Complex Disputes: Leveraging a deep understanding of law, technology, and cybersecurity, Daniel Garrie offers arbitration services that efficiently resolve intricate disputes, saving time and resources.

Extensive Experience: Daniel Garrie has extensive experience in the field of arbitration, having served as a neutral in over 250 cases. This experience ensures a thorough understanding of the arbitration process and the ability to handle a wide range of disputes.

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